Your partner in development and building in meat industry


De Boer Trading projektiranje i opremanje

Since year 1982. De Boer Trading company is present on the teritory of ex Yugoslavia in the food industry. The company headquarters is in Switzerland and there are offices in Slovenia, Croatia, Srbija and Montenegro which cooperate in the business.

Complete engineering with our moto READY TO GO which De Boer Trading offers, mainly for the meet industry, requires developing services as:

  • Fabricating technologic design for local, EU & US regulations, lay outs, solving technologic problems for food industry department
  • Sales of technologic equipment manufactured from famous European and American manufacturers with mainly exclusive regional agency
  • Sales of special aditives, mixes of spices, marinades and souces as well as pure spices
  • Sales of packaging materials
  • Starting up production lines and other equipment with solving technological problems and solving problems including veterinary, sanitary and ecological problems
  • Mounting, maintetance and spare parts of delivered equipement

Your partner in development and building in meat industry
De Boer Trading