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Pigs slaughtering lines

De Boer Trading is a global supplier of complete machine and plant technology for pig slaughtering. Our position and resulting experience has enabled DBT to meet the specific local requirements of large and small meat processing companies. DBT has now been collaborating with research and development institutions for many years so as to transform the latest scientific insights into innovative system solutions.


  • Automatic electric stunning restrainers
  • CO2 stunning systems
  • Vertical and horizontal debleeding systems
  • Vertical steam and water scalding tunnels
  • Horizontal scalding systems
  • Combined scalding and dehairng machines
  • Continuous and discontinuous dehairing machines
  • Dry whipping machines
  • Singeing furnaces
  • Final cleaning machines
  • Slaughter robots
  • Automatic carcass systems
  • Vacuum transportation systems
  • Intestine cleaning machines
  • Empty hook stacking and conveying system
  • Ultrasonic cleaning systems
  • Loading elevators
  • Swivel arms for loading
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