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Sausage vacuum filler

Sausage vacuum filler can be used as a universal filing machine for any homogenous mass. It is equipped with the proven, wear-resistant Pump System. The vacuum filler guarantees accurate portioning on all products, as well as the most gentle product handling.

Attachment program offers a broad selection, such as:

  • Diaphragm is attachment which can be used universally for portioning and straight filling. Shape, contours and product diameter can be selected at will between 1 mm and 85 mm. Frequency rates of up to 1800 portions per minute are achievable. There is also the possibility of product injection – the so-called coextrusion
  • Twist linking device
  • Casing holding device
  • Casing applier
  • Triple head
  • Double outlet
  • Multiple portioning head
  • Grinder head
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