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KS B22

The newly developed KS B22 combines the stages of "pre-cutting", "mixing", "emulsifying" and "homogenising" under vacuum with thermal processes into one machine.

The following products can be produced: mayonnaise, dressing, tartar sauce, sauces, marinades, horseradish, vegetable paste, letscho, liver pates, surimi, delicatessen salads etc.

The KS B22 has the following advantages:

  • Compact, ergonomic design and therefore space-saving
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Single unit and homogenous products can be processed in one machine
  • Huge diversity for conveniencefood production

The vertical process vessel is equipped with a pre-cutting motor with kniwes. This allows for fast processing of powders or oil into a water base. The process vessel cover carries an agitator, which scrapes the vessel sides. The conical process vessel with slide is connected to a product pump, used for product circulation and discharge. In circulation mode, the product is pumped through the proven KS Emulsifier, where it is fine-cut, emulsified, homogenized and either returned to the process vessel or discharged. Thermal process are carried out indirectly via double jacket and/or by steam injection nozzles. Raw material input is via the lifting system with trolleys, vacuum suction, or dosage pumps.

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