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Universal plants

Universal plants, economically with top performance confirmed through multiplied employments.

This machine serves to work with different quality-products like sausage, meat, poultry, fish, cheese, vegetables ect.

Your advance: different machine versions fulfill the individual product- and client wishes

Versatility will be shown in the different work possibilities like reddening, maturing, roasting, baking, scalding, drying, cooking, cold smoking, warm smoking, hot smoking ect.

More productivity against the conventional plants through higher loading capacity of the loading trolleys.



  • Reduced working times through increased air – ventilation.
  • Decreased drying times through special exhaust fan with constant, extremely high airflow through.
  • Enormous work facilitation through different advanced microprocessor controls what makes possible for example night –air holiday work, as well as fully automatic work flows.
  • Perfectly uniformity of each one-air fan per trolley.
  • Minimum of energy expense because of special isolation.
  • Avoid of to high weight loss through DELTA- function.
  • Minimum loudness through big air fans with low rotation speeds.
  • Uniform smoke distribution because of each one entry and air flow per loading trolley.
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